How sharing an accomplishment lead to the realization of a life goal

How sharing an accomplishment lead to the realization of a life goal

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·Oct 18, 2021·

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A little over one year ago, I published my first book thanks to Apress and author Nihad Hassan.

I am in a cybersecurity writing group with Nihad, where he shared he had published his 4th book; this was back in 2019. I was impressed by his accomplishment, and it made me wonder, "Maybe I could write a book too."

I read about the Apress author program and tucked it away in my memory.

A few months later, I started wondering why information on serverless security was so disparate. It was almost the summer of 2019, and I did not see one book published on serverless security.

I realized there was a need to be filled. Maybe this was my opportunity to write my first traditionally published book.

The rest is history, and Serverless Security was published on October 6, 2020.

I wrote this post for two reasons.

  1. Thank Nihad for his inspiration and Apress for making it become a reality.

  2. To share that an idea and life goal can be achieved, and by sharing our accomplishments, we can inspire others to achieve their goals and realize their ideas and dreams.

Go ideate, execute and make your ideas a reality.

Happy Monday!

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